Microwave Ceiling/Wall Mount Sensor


Microwave sensors are a new energy-saving technology which transmits high-frequency microwave signal. It can detect walking, running or crawling human targets in an outdoor environment. It also gathers automatism, convenience, safety, saving-energy and practical functions. The wide detection field depends on detectors. It works by receiving human motion. Microwave detectors can also go through walls and holes to detect motion.

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Voltage: 220V-240V/AC
Detection range: 360°/180°
Rated load: 1200W
Detection distance: Ceiling: 1-8m (radius) / Wall: 5-15m
Time-delay: Min. 10sec ± 3sec, Max.12min ± 1min
Installation Height: Ceiling: 2-8m / Wall 1.5-3.5m
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